Sheryl Whimp is a prolific artist and traveller. She might best be described as an explorer, as she does so constantly, both physically and creatively. Sheryl employs many different techniques and mediums in her creative work including collage, watercolour , oil and acrylic surfaces. Another of Sheryl's most recognised work is her beautifully crafted artist books, or visual diaries - which you can see some examples of here.

Take a moment to explore some of her other vivid, often emotive works via the online gallery but be sure to check out an upcoming exhibition, as two-dimensions simply can't do justice to Sheryl's multidimensional, multifaceted portfolio of work.


Art Education:

David Paulson - Painting, Life Classes, Watercolour -1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2011-2015

Studio West End, Brisbane - Wim de Vos, Adele Outeridge - painting, printmaking (intaglio, etching, collographs, relief printing) book arts, extended artistic development2002-2015

Brisbane Institute of Art, Brisbane - Certificate in Fine Art 2003

Kelvin Grove College, Brisbane - William Robinson - Life Class 1987

Central Technical College, Brisbane - Commercial Illustration 1968-1970



Drawing the Figure - Christopher Orchard

St Ives School of Art, Cornwall UK - "exploring form and abstraction"

Majena Mafe - arts practice, arts therapy, contemporary art studies

Frank Lambert - sculpture

Ian Smith - painting

Lucinda Elliot - painting

Ruth Propsting - painting

Margaret Fredrickson - portraiture

Karen Laird - ceramics raku